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The Spotlight is back for 2021!

This time Startmate has excited news for you 💫

We are hiring 6x roles in Victoria + New Zealand.
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We’re looking for:

  1. Events & Outreach Associate

  2. Community & Partnerships Associate (NZ - based)

  3. Investor Associate

  4. Talent Community Associate

  5. Student Fellowship Associate

  6. No- to Low-Code Engineering Fellowship Associate

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What’s in this Edition?

  1. Get Investment - Angels keen to connect

  2. Invest - Startups keen to connect

  3. Hire - Operators ready for a startup job

  4. Apply - Latest startup jobs

  5. Join - Startups that just raised

1) Get Investment - Angel Spotlight

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2) Invest - Startups Keen to Connect

🚨 Disclaimer* 🚨  This is not financial advice, nor a recommendation. Please connect with the founders directly to hear more.

💸 Tendr

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Like the ASX did for the exchange of shares, Tendr is removing the cumbersome paperwork and payment mistrust associated with the construction industry by creating an online payment exchange system for Australia.


There is a huge need for a payments system to hold subcontractor payments in a trust to ensure they get paid.


A trust account/financial platform is utilised where monies are deposited into and both parties verify the transaction has taken place for monies to be released: but neither party can access until both verify it.
A combination of PEXA, Xero and PayPal is likely the best way to describe us currently.

How do you know it's a problem?

  • A 2015 Senate report into insolvency in construction estimated the industry suffered $3 billion in unpaid debts, including subcontractor payments, employee entitlements and tax debts averaging about $630 million a year.

  • The QLD government are trialling a similar version of our solution in house with a Project Bank Account (PBA).

What's your central unique insight?

  • 1 of our founders is an Electrician with extensive 'boots on the ground' knowledge of what happens when builders strong-arm subbies, withhold funds, have no accountability etc and the ramifications of doing so.

  • Our other founder has been a construction project lawyer; so we both have a very unique perspective on the construction industry.

3) Hire - Operators ready for a startup job

Nick Berg

Location: Auckland (relocating to Auckland from Oxford early Feb)
Past Roles: People and Talent Acquisition @ ONI, Research and Development @ ONI, Production and Operations @ Abbott Laboratories

I love being surrounded by ambitious bright people, some of my best memories are couch surfing universities (e.g. Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, and Columbia.)

Ideal Next Industry: Background in Biotech, looking to be exposed to the broad NZ ecosystem, so potentially a role in VC.
Ideal Next Role: Fixer - looking to wear many hats in a small team e.g. R&D, Recruitment, Sales.

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4) Apply - Latest startup jobs

These are new roles which were posted in the last two weeks.


  • Hiring 6x roles in Victoria and NZ! >> All Here.

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5) Join - Startups that just raised

Pro tip: Companies often time their fundraising PR when they are ready to hire.

  • Judo Bank - $280m - neo-bank

  • Limepay - $21m led by angels - white label BNPL

  • Formus Labs - $7m - orthopaedic surgery software

  • Particular Audience - $4.7m led by Carthona Capital - provide eCommerce businesses with a no-code AI-powered personalization

  • Immediation - $3.75m led by Thorney Investment Group - dispute resolution for SMEs

  • Abyss - $3.25m led by AirTree - robotics and AI

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